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  • Jah Warriors

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    Jah Warriors – a UK-based reggae band from Ipswich, Suffolk. The original line-up included Lloyd “Captain” Morgan (lead vocals), Ira Jones (vocals, lead guitar), Gordon Mulraine (bass guitar), Joseph White (drums), Aubrey Mulraine (keyboards), Lloyd Clarke (saxophone) and Trevor Jones (trombone). In 1982, the band released their debut, “If Only You Knew”/”Can’t Take It No More”, which was met with critical acclaim but failed commercially. Undeterred, the group built a solid reputation touring, and in 1984 they were asked to support the legendary Curtis Mayfield. Although an R&B performer, Mayfield and the Impressions had influenced many of Jamaica’s top performers. Conscious and respectful of the singer’s eminence, the young group gave their all in support of the influential musician.The group performed “Tribute To Bob Marley” alongside tracks from their forthcoming album, including “Drug Squad”, “Can’t Cook” and their earlier singles releases. Mayfield was impressed by the band’s performance and predicted a bright future for the group. The experience proved beneficial and the band released Poor Mans Story, which covered a diversity of subjects including abortion (“Innocent Ones”) and an interpretation of an advertising jingle, “Liquor”. The album was recorded locally by the band at a studio owned by the 60s pop singer Chris Andrews, who had a Top 10 hit with “Yesterday Man”, later covered in a reggae version by Nicky Thomas. the band next album called No Illusion which featured Al Anderson of Bob Marley & The WailersTwo singles was relesased from No Illusions Whats This Feelings (morgan) and Apartheid (jones) .

  • Jimmy Pilgrim and the Classics

    2 photos

    Submitted by Barry Jackson on 17-06-08 barryjackson@slingshot.co.nz Year formed: 1963 Year Disbanded : 1971 No of Members: 5 Area: Colchester/Clacton Style: Rock/Blues Gharlie King/Drums/vocals Barry Jackson Bass/vocals Jimmy Pilgrim/ vocals Mike Hembling/guitar/vocals Norman Frost/guitar John Mann/vocals/from 1966

  • Jon Derreks Country Fever

    1 photo

    Roger Brown, Ken Dunning, Jon Derrek Terry Grimwood

  • Jonny Vance & The Heartaches

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    Jonny Vance & The Heartaches, Rock "n" Roll, Ipswich, 1960 - 1961, Jonny Vance Vocals, Ralph Farley Guitar, Terry Packard Guitar, Graham Cracknell Drums ,

  • Jurassic Rock

    4 photos

    Jurassic Rock. Formed in 1997, JR is still going strong. founder members Tony Eaton (guitar & vocals) and Paul Cooper (vocals & tambourine), have been joined by Bob Settle (drums & backing vocals), Paul Eaton (bass & backing vocals) and Mike Watkin (sound & guitar). full details on www.jurassicrock.co.uk


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    Submitted by:Steve Summers on 18-11-09 steve@stevesummers.demon.co.uk Year formed: c 2002 Still Active: Yes, No of Members: 3 Area: Ipswich Style: Rock Covers Steve Summers - Guitar/Vocals Mark Smith - Drums/Vocals Richard Loose - Bass/Vocals Band history: Current line-up came together during 2007

  • Ken & The Limelights

    1 photo

    Ken & The Limelights, Rock "n" Roll, Ipswich, ? - 1960 , Roger Johnson Guitar, Mick Day Bass, Ken Smith Drums ,

  • King Bizkit Blues Band

    3 photos

    King Bizkit Blues Band Jack Pressly, Richard Everitt, Paul Gill, Paul Richardson, Ben Foster, Ben Weston, Tony Vines

  • Lacey Street Blues Band

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    Lacey Street Blues Band Blues Felixstowe, Ipswich, UK Founder=John Adams Active Years from=1983 Active Years to=1985= No of Band members=6 Members and Instrument=John Adams Guitar, Charles Rickards Bass,Steve Waller Guitar,Steve Graham Harmonica,Brian Tweed Drums,Penny Parks Vocals. other comments=Blues in the Night album played on Radio Caroline daily thrugh 1984

  • Les & the Liberators

    1 photo

    Les & The Liberators, Pop, Ipswich, 1962 - 1964 , Les Constable Vocals + Guitar, Alan Vickers Guitar, Johnny ? Drums,

  • Les Blues

    2 photos

    Les Blues, Blues / Soul, 1964 - ? , Geno Washington Vocals., John Game Bass, Koll Patterson Lead, Morton Lewis Rhythm, Gerry Gillings Drums ,

  • Little Jimmy's jamboree Bag

    1 photo

    Little Jimmy's jamboree Bag Peter Healey bass, Zak Rhythm guitar, Sandy Sutherland drums, Trevor Durrant Lead Guitar, Jeff Broom Keyboard.

  • Lord B's baby Brown Bash Band

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    Lord B's Baby Brown Bash Band, Jock Davis Vocals, Bernie Westren Sax, Brian Rudd Trumpet, Chris Oouthwaite Guitar, Danny Pitcher Sax, Martin Boatfield Bass, Robbie Robertson Drums ,


    2 photos

    Submitted by Michael Graham Date: 18/05/2011 michael.r.graham@live.co.uk Band Name: MYSTI Year formed: 1977 Year Disbanded : 1982 No of Members: 5 Area: Suffolk Style: M.o.r.Functions Band Dave Ransby Lead Vox Michael[Mike/Mick]Graham Bass/Vocals Andy Garrod Keyboards/Vocals Graham Doyle Drums/Vocals Chriss ????? Guitar Band history: Played Dinner Dances,Village Hall 'Hops' Weddings ect;especially used to enjoy the Alnesbourne Priory Country Club.

  • Magnus

    1 photo

    Magnus, Pop, Ipswich, 197? - ?, Dave Halls Vocals + Lead, Jim Thackeray Rhythm + Vocals, Terry Fisk Bass + Vocals, Tony Fisk Drums ,

  • Mapelbeck

    2 photos

  • Mixjer

    2 photos

    Mixjer Jimmy Crumlish Rex Sealey

  • Muff

    2 photos

    Muff, Rock, Ipswich, Mick Day Lead, Roy Clover Voc-Rhythm, Darryl ? Voc-Bass, Ken Smith Drums ,

  • Mythology

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    Mythology, Early 70's cover band...containing ex Peach Umbrella Band/Smokestack Blues/Ornithology Members...Kevin Sharman Keyboard/vocals, Trevor Pearce Guitar/vocals, Chris Haste Bass/vocals, Dudley Goodchild Drums.


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