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John Spurgeon
John Spurgeon
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Musicians or Vocalist listing
A (12)
Adrian Claydon, Adrian Farrar, Adrian Robinson, Alan Hart, Alan Root, Alan Wade, Andy Marsh, Andy White, Aneta Norris, Alec Robinson, Alex Shulver, Art Williams, Arther Ton, Ashley Geater
B (21)
Barry Durrant, Barry Dye, Barry Maine, Barry Smith, Ben Foster, Bernard Shaw, Bernie Harvey, Bernie Underwood, Bernie Westren, Bill Barrell, Bill Gunner, Bill Russell, Bill Wright, Billy Carter, Bim Richardson, Bob Fordham, Bob Moy, Bob Webb, Brian Blaxall, Brian Brinkley, Brian Brown, Brian Dunn, Brian Kerridge, Brian Park, Brian Richardson, Brian Rudd, Brian Tucker, Bryan Scarlett, Bruce Jolly
C (15)
Carl Harrison, Carol Albins, Chris Barnes, Chris Cardew, Chris Fisk, Chris Hart, Chris Haste, Chris Hills, Chris Outhwaite, Chris Stock, Clive Brock, Clive Blockley, Clive Cole, Clive Frindle, Clive "Jivs" Richardson, Colin Gilbert (AKA Koll Patterson), Colin May, Colin Mayhew, Colin Thrower, Cyril Willis
D (15)
Dale Howe, Dale Warren, Dan Werritt, Danny Pitcher, Darren Brinkhoff, Darren Williams, Darryl 'Daz' Reeve, Dave Catchpole, Dave Cook, Dave Cox, Dave Cross, Dave Cutting, Dave Darwin, Dave Dewhurst, Dave Edwards, Dave Halls, Dave Hanscomb, Dave Jenner, Dave Johnson, Dave King, Dave Linguard, Dave MacLaughlin, Dave Manning, Dave Price, Dave Purnell, Dave Redhead, Dave Risby, Dave Thackeray, David Featherstone, Dee Halls, Dennis Brown, Dennis Bynoe, Dennis White, Denny Fenelli, Derek Barber, Derek Noller, Derek Robinson, Derick Spurgeon, Dick Bennett, Dick Maun, Dick Mayhew, Dick Moles, Dick Park, Doug Blackett, Dubby Catchpole, Dudley Goodchild
E (1)
Eddie Robertson, Eric Knights, Eric Smith
F (3)
Frank Foster, Frank Hyam, Fred Osbourne
G (9)
Garry Wicks, Gary Nunn, Gary Wiseman, Galan, George Taylor, Gene Perry, Geno Washington, Gerry Gillings, Gerry Langfield, Gerry Longford, Gerry Moore, Glenn Povey, Gordon Blackwood, Graham Cracknell, Graham Doyle, Graham 'Hap' Taplin
H (3)
Haydon Dodge, Hayley Williams, Hoppy ?, Hugh Green
I (2)
Ian Brown, Ian Fisk, Ian Hughes, Ian Murray, Ian Peppercorn, Ira Jones, Ivan Leach
J (42)
Jack Levene, Jack Pressly, Jackie ?, Jackie Mac, James MacRae, Jason Scopes, Jeff Broom, Jeff Knights, Jeffery Potter, Jeremy Dyde, Jerry Hovell, Jerry Lanfield, Jim Bobby, Jim (James) Thackeray, Jim Walls, Jimmy Crumlish, Jimmy Yule, Jock Albins, Jock Davies, Joe Stevens, John Adams, John Brennan, John Bugg, John Burns, John Butters, John Cage, John Campbell, John Church, John Doe, John Foder, John Game, John Hillyard, John Mac, John Macrae, John Marsh, John Mayhew, John Mazza, John Messenger, John Miller, John Mitchell, John Pipe, John Potter, John Spurgeon, John Wright, Johnnie MacLaughlin, Johnny Roache, Jon D'Costa, Jonny Vance, Joseph White, Jon Doe, Julie Lord
K (4)
Karl Kardi, Keith Harlett, Keith Lloyd, Keith Robinson, Keith Rodwell, Keith Simmons, Keith (Nick) Wymer, Kenny Harper, Ken Smith, Kevin Ballard, kevin (bodge) rogers, Kevin Botista, Kevin Emmanuel, Kevin Sharman
L (0)
Larry Gatt, Laurie Pepper, Laurie Simmons, Les Constable, Les Gilson, Lou Moodie
M (27)
Michelle Lee, Mal Brierley, Malcolm Studd, Malcolm Wilder, Marcel Davies, Mark Bedford, Mark Cook, Mark Harwood, Mark Parker, Mark Thompson, Mark Wymer, Martin Boatfield, Martyn Wegg, Mary ?, Matthew Black, Matthew Long, Mervyn Pedelty, Melvyn Seabourne, Michelle Lee, Michael Graham, Michael Hyam, Mick Burns, Mick Chennell, Mick Day, Mick Fenn, Mick Hearn, Mick Morley, Mick Newell, Mick Noller, Mick Reeve, Mike Durrant, Mike Finbow, Mike Hembling, Morton Lewis
N (5)
Neville Moles, Nick Petrsyzn, Nigel ?, Nigel Betts, Nigel Cook, Nigel Whatling
O (1)
P (16)
Paul Adams, Paul Abbs, Paul Betts, Paul Burt, Paul Eagle, Paul Gardiner, Paul Gill, Paul Glazebrook, Paul Patrician, Paul Smith, Pete Andrews, Pete Conway, Pete Croft, Pete Dixon, Pete Girling, Pete Gowers, Pete Hayward, Pete Jennings, Pete Jordan, Pete Talbot, Peter Groom, Peter Hunter, Peter Pegg, Phil Butcher, Phil Eden, Phil Gardner, Phil Quimby, Philip Sparrow
Q (0)
R (15)
Ralph Farley, Ray Hyam, Ray Warne, Richard Kersey, Rick Flahant, Rita (Twink) Connolly, Rob Hazelton, Robbie Robertson, Robin Hare, Rocky ?, Rod Goldsmith, Roger Johnson, Roger Kemp, Roger Lambourne, Roger Runnacles, Ron West, Ronnie Ducker, Roy Clover, Roy Fitzsimmonds, Roy Rushbrooke, Roy Seymour, Paul Richardson, Robert Povey
S (9)
Sandy Sutherland, Sem Seabourne, Shaun Twomey, Sian Cook, Steve Cunningham, Steve Dodd, Steve Easter, Steve Fryer, Steve Godbold, Steve Hyam, Steve Mann, Steve Mitchell, Steve Pipe, Steve Summers, Steve Thurlow, Steve White, Stuart Davies, Stuart Jarrold, Sue Carey, Sue Williams
T (28)
Terry Aspinall, Teresa Bird, Terry Banthorpe, Terry Fisk, Terry Mayhew, Terry Newman, Terry Packard, Terry Poulson, Terry Purnell, Terry Smith, Tim Podd, Tom Storey, Tony Atkins, Tony Barber, Tony Coe, Tony Crisp, Tony Davis, Tony Eaton, Tony Fisk, Tony Lees, Tony McFee, Tony Molyneux, Tony Newman, Trevor Fenn, Trevor Naylor, Trevor Pearce, Trev Roland, Trudie Clayden
U (0)
V (0)
Vernon Mussington
W (0)
Willie Brown
X (0)
Y (0)
Z (1)
Zac ?

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