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Jeff Knights
Jeff Knights
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The Advocates (0)
The Advocates
Submitted by Nick Burrows 23 Jul 2006,
Working area Suffolk ,
Style: Indie Punk ,
No of members: 4 ,
Date formed: (approx) jan 2004 to Still active Nick Burrows - Lead guitar and backing vocals,
Guy Smith - Bass and ryhtm guitar,
Chaz Newitt - Lead Vocals,
Adam Burrows - Drums .

The Alan Wade Set (4)
The Alan Wade Set,
Rock "N" Roll,
1967 - 1971 ,
Alan Wade Vocals,
Mick Day Lead,
Bill Gunner Rhythm ,
Ray Hyam Bass,,
Clive Brock Drums ,
Roy Clover Rytham(Later),
Frank Foster Bass (Later),

The Alibi (0)
The Alibi,
Pop + Rock,
Ian Brown Guitar + Vocals,
Terry Fisk Bass + Prog. K/board - Drums ,

The Amberlites (0)
The Amberlites,
All types of music,
1969 1989 ,
Lou Moodie Lead Guitar,
Bruce Moodie Rhythm/Bass Guitar,
Mike Rollo Rhythm/Bass Guitar,
Perry Rollo Drums,

The Art Williams Family Band (1)
The Art Williams Family Band,
Country Music,
1983 to 1993 ,
Art Williams(husband) Vocals,Rhythm Guitar,
Sue Williams(wife) Backing Vocals,
Darren Williams(son) Lead Guitar,
Hayley Williams(daughter) Bass,
Bill Barrell(friend) Drummer ,

The Barry Kingston Trio (0)
Submitted by:Gary Wiseman 01/21/2012
Year formed: 2009
Still Active: Yes
No of Members: 3
Area: Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire
Style: melodic jazz trio
Barry Kingston. Piano
Clarisa Vincent. Sax
Gary Wiseman. Bass and Vocals

The Black Aces (0)
The Black Aces,

Roy Clover ,

The Blazes (4)
The Blazes,
Rock "N" Roll ,
Bernie Harvey Vocals,
John Pipe Lead,
Pete Gowers Rhythm,
Dick Maun Sax,
Bill Russell Bass,
Bim Richardson Drums,

The Blitz (0)
The Blitz,

The Blue Stars (0)
The Blue Stars,
Rock "N" Roll,
Bill Whyman Lead,
Jimmy Yule Rhythm,
Eric Knights Drums ,

The Cardinals (0)
The Cardinals,

Ivan ?

The Caterpillars (1)
Band Name: The Caterpillars
Year formed: 1996
Year Disbanded : 2006
No of Members: 5
Area: ipswich/norfolk/essex
Style: blues/rock
Paul Sutton: vocals,acoustic guitar,harmonica; Mike Gillings: guitar,vocals; Darren Pratt:bass,backing vocals; Tony Wright: drums; Nick Rain:guitar.
Band history: Initialy a four piece band playing rolling stones/chuck berry/tom petty/zz top/beatles tunes, the caterpillars from 1999 were a powerfull five piece rock n roll band who recieved some great reviews in their albeit short time together. They got to play on the bbc radio suffolk stage in july 2000 where they performed a set of rolling stones classics, complete with \\\\'keef\\\\' richards sounding guitars. Often joined onstage by neil topple on guitar/harmonica, the caterpillars not only played the pubs of the region but did a few private functions and parties too ! Check out - say hi if you remember us. Thanks.

The Cedar County Boys (0)
The Cedar County Boys,

The Chevron Showband (0)
The Chevron Showband
The Cobnuts (0)
The Cobnuts,
John Mitchell Guitar + Vocals,
Jimmy Yule Rhythm,
Doug Steward Washboard + Tea Chest,
Barry Maine Drums ,

The Consorts (1)
The Consorts,
Rock "N" Roll,
1962 - ?? ,
Mike Durrant Vocals + Guitar,,
Roger Runnacles Vocals + Guitar,
Colin May Lead,
Jon Doe Sax,
Alan Root Bass ,
Barry Dye Drums ,

The Consorts & Max (0)
Year Formed 1960
Year Disbanded 1966
No of Members 6
Area mellis/ diss / hoxne
Style 60s pop and r&b
Members and there Instruments
/ Vocals alan root guitar barry dye drums dave edwards guitar plum, bass max last, singer mike durrant guitar and vocals

The Contrasts (1)
Submitted by Dave Redhead 10/18/2010
Year formed:1963
Year Disbanded :1964
Style:Pop/R and B
Les Constable/Lead/rhythm guitar/vocals
Dave Redhead/ Lead/rhythm guitar/vocals
Pete Groome/bass guitar/vocals
Mick Newell/Drums/vocals

The Countrysiders (0)
The Countrysiders,
Rock "N"Roll,
1963 - 1964,
Brian Brinkley Vocals + Bass,
Ian Murray Lead,
Keith Simmons Rhythm,
Bill Wright Drums ,

The Creed (1)
The Creed,
Clive fetherstone=Vocals,
Richard Kersey=Guitar,
Scott Ewings=Guitar,
Shaun Williams=Drums,
Paul Atherton=Bass.

The Cursed (0)
The Cursed,
Rockabilly ,
Buddy ? Vocals - Guitar,
Mark Parker Bass,
Paul Smith Drums (Early),
Kevin Emanuel Drums (Late),

The Denver County Sound (0)
The Denver County Sound,

The Ding Dong Boys (0)
The Ding Dong Boys,
Later known as 'Second Time Around',

The Earl Winston Set (0)
The Earl Winston Set,
?? - 1968,
Les Constable Lead + Vocals,
Stuart Jarrold Guitar,
? Organ,
Pete Groom Bass,
Mike Newell Drums,

The Epics (4)
The Epics,
(Early Setup)=
1964 - 1965 .
Paul Glazebrook Vocals + Lead,
Dave Linguard Rhythm,
Pete Girling Bass,
Brian Park Drums ,
(Late Setup)=
Line-up 1965 - 1966,
Paul Glazebrook Vocals + Lead,
Dave Linguard Rhythm,
John Mayhew Bass,
Tony Coe Drums ,

The Fabtones (0)
The Fabtones
Sender name=paul eagle
Style of Music=Rock n roll
Area=Suffolk / essex
Founder=Mike summers / Paul Eagle
Active Years from=1998-2002
Band members=4
Mike Summers: Lead and harmony vocals, Acoustic Guitar.
Paul Eagle: Lead guitar, lead and harmony vocals.
Andy 'Wolfman' Marsh: Bass, harmony vocals.
Craig Clark: Drums.
other comments=Formed following a new years eve 'one off' by Mike and Paul's band 'Tempted' featuring Chris Ratcliffe (Doons)on bass and Steven Dean, drums.

The Gangster Gang (0)
The Gangster Gang
The Harmony Brothers (0)
The Harmony Brothers,
Prevoiusly known as Restless,

The Icebergs (0)
The Icebergs,
1964 - 1967,
? Vocals,,
Mick Chennell Lead + Vocals,
Derek Spurgeon Rhythm,
John Spurgeon Bass,
Keith Harlett Drums ,

The Jazzshades (8)
The Jazzshades
The Ketas (4)
Submitted by Roger Lambourne
on 19/09/2010
Year formed: 1964
Year Disbanded : 1980
No of Members: 10
Area: East Anglia and Home Counties
Style: Harmony / Soul / Rock
The band scanned two decades and one name change. As with all bands, personnel came and went.
Roger Lambourne played lead guitar, bass and added to the vocal contingent.. John Snell played flute and tenor sax, and sang. Brian Snell, Jukian Keeble and Johnny Footer all pla yed drums at some time. Alan Snell played baritone and alto Sax. Pete Twitchet was the lead singer whilst Archie Armstrong a capable lead guitarist played bass for a while.
Band history: Formed in 1964 and lter changed its name to Nelson's Column having first established themselves as a prominent support band for the nr:1 hit bands of the day.
See Nelson's Column entry for further details

The Koll-Patterson Quartet (1)
The Koll-Patterson Quartet,
Colin Gilbert, piano, Eric Bloomfield, Drums, Tony Coe, Double Bass, Bob
Ferrino,Trombone, Colin Gilbert named Koll Patterson after brewery of same name and Drummer Stu Brynes after T.V's 77 Sunset Strip actor.
This band also became "The Jazzshades"

The Leaders (6)
The Leaders,
1964 - ? ,
Colin Thrower,
Dave Edwards,
David Featherstone,
Fred Osbourne,
Kenny Harper ,

The Legionaires (0)
The Legionaires,
1980 - 1981,

The Limelites (1)
The Limelights,
Rock "n" Roll,
1960 - 1961 ,
Alan Wade Vocals,
Mick Day Lead,
Roy Clover Rhythm,
Bill Russell Bass,
Ken Smith Drums ,

The Martells (3)
The Martells
Submitted by Alec Robinson on 01-01-2010
Year formed: 1960
Still Active: Yes,
No of Members: 4
Area: Suffolk,Es s ex
Style: Rock /Pop Covers
Sandy Sotherland,Drums,Vocals,John Wright,Bass,Vocals,Garry Nunn,Lead Guitar,Vocals, Alec Robinson,Keys,Guitar,Lead Vocals
Band history: The Martells were originally formed in the 1960's and soon became one of the most popular bands in the East of England playing packed venues.
After a 12 year absence from the music scene, The Martels are back together again wowing audiences wherever they play.

The Melody Ranchers (0)
The Melody Ranchers,
Country & Western,

The Mod Cons (0)
The Mod Cons,
Jackie Mac Vocals,
John Mac Guitar,
Paul Bert Guitar + Vocals,
Terry Fisk Bass + Vocals,
Kevin Emmanue Drums,
Keith Harlett Drums ,

The Muppits (1)
Style of Music=Rockin' Covers,
Area=Mid Suffolk,
Active Years from=2002-still active,
No of Band members=5,
Members and Instrument=Robin Schug - guitar, Trudie Clayden - vocals, Steve Thurlow - drums, Glen Robinson - keyboards other comments=Between 2002 & 2005 various bass guitarists came & went, Billy ? took over the drum seat for 2003 & 2004, Steve returned early 2005 & Glen left late 2004.

The Murrells (0)
The Murrells,
Rock 'N' Roll,
A Minibus accident took the lives of some band members in the early 1970's

The Naff Band (2)
John 'Jock' Davies - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Mower - Drums
Paul Gill - Guitar
Steve Dodd - Guitars
Ben Foster - Bass

The Nick Wymer Band (0)
The Nick Wymer Band,
Rhythm & Blues,
2000 - 2002,
Keith Wymer Vocals,
Mark Wymer Lead,
Tony Atkins Bass,
Dave McLaughlin Drums ,

The Nite Sect (2)
The Nite Sect,
1965 - 1966,
Mal Brierley Vocals,
Roger Johnson Lead,
Melvyn Seaborne Keyboards,
Derek Barber Bass,
Ken Smith Drums ,

The Outlaws (0)
Submitted by Mark Cook 24 Nov 2006
Band name: :: The Outlaws
Working area :: Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex
Style: :: Covers
No of members: :: 4
Date formed: (approx) :: 2005
Date disbanded: (approx) :: Still active
Mark Cook - Vocals
Adrian 'Chico' Freeman - Lead Guitar
Brian 'Bush' Tucker - Bass
Matt 'MtK' Hearnden - Drums

The Pea Green Philharmonic Pullover Set (0)
The Pea Green Philharmonic Pullover Set,

The Peach Umbrella Band (3)
The Peach Umbrella Band,

The Pete Dixon Jazz Band (0)
The Pete Dixon Jazz Band,
Pete Andrews Vocals,
Roy Clover Banjo,
Pete Dixon ? ,

The Peter Croft Blues Band (0)
The Peter Croft Blues Band,
Peter Croft Vocals - Rrhthm,
Paul Gill Lead,
Phil Quimby ?,
Johnny Roache (Later -Ron West) Drums,
(Later -Karl Kardi),
(Later -Mervyn Pedelty) ,

The Preservatives (1)
The Preservatives
The Pursuers (2)
Submitted by Michael Graham
Date: 18/05/2011, then 60's covers
Year formed: 1964
Year Disbanded : 1969
No of Members: 4
Area: Ipswich
Style: 60's POP
Michael[Mick]Graham,Lead Guitar/Vocals
Peter Pegg,Rytham Guitar/Vocals
Steven Pegg[brother]Drums
Howard Matthews,Bass

Band history:
Supplied by Peter Pegg
Peter and Michael formed a band called The Black Arrows in 1963 - joined by Stephen (and a variety of early bass players). However, as there was an aerobatic display team of the same name, they soon changed the name to The Pursuers. Early gigs were in Ipswich pubs and on Saturday mornings at the Gaumont cinema playing Shadows and other instrumental material. They progressed to youth clubs and local venues, playing R'n'B and 60's beat material. Highlights included playing support to Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and The Hollies. Peter left in 1965 to join the Ipswich-based Unit 4, replacing Morton Lewis for a spell on rhythm guitar and vocals until 'Hap' Taplin joined the band. Michael also joined other bands (see his profile).

The Reaction (0)
Submitted by Keith Lloyd
Year formed: 1965
Year Disbanded : 1966
No of Members: 5
Area: Ipswich
Style: Many
John Cresswell (drums)
Keith Lloyd (lead guitar)
Richard Blomfield (Vocals)
Paul King (rhythm guitar)
John Curry (bass guitar)

The Real McCoy (2)
Three peace 60's plus rock roll band
Paul Glazebrook Guitar Vocals
Alan Newstead Bass and Vocals
Johnny Roach Drums

The Rebels (0)
The Rebels,
Rock "n" Roll,
1961 - 1963,
Brian Brown Vocals,
Bryan Scarlett,
Carl Harrison,
Robin Hare,
Rod Goldsmith,
Trev Roland ,

The Regulars (1)
The Regulars 1980
Ian Kewley, Organ, Dave Bowker,Sax, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Tony Coe,
Bass, Drums, Vocals, Tommy Willis, Slide Guitar. Recording first Album which never
got released.

Band split in 1982 when Dave Bowker went to the United States to form a band Ian Kewley to set up and MD the Paul Young Band and Tommy Willis to Rory Gallagher later Chis Rea and Paul Simon.

The Rocking Fossils (1)
John,Tim and Gerry - guitars, vocals, keyboard and saxaphone
authentic Rock'n'Roll music from the 50s, 60s and later

The Rockodiles (0)
The Rockodiles,
Style of Music=Party rock pop and soul,
Area=East anglia,
Founder=Chris Bayfield / Justyn Paul,
Active Years from=2006,
Active Years to=present,
No of Band members=4,
Members and Instrument=Justyn Paul: Keyboards, Lead and harmony vocals, rhythm guitar.
Paul Eagle: Lead guitar, Lead and harmony vocals, keyboards.
Ellen Foster: Bass, harmony vocals, electric recorder.
Chris Bayfield: Drums and backing vocals.
other comments=Justyn and Paul played together professionally in the 90's as The Aardvark Brothers Duo.

The Rouletts (2)
The Rouletts
The Shades of Blue (1)
The Shades of Blue,
Tony Lees Vocals,
Bob Fordham Guitar,
Trevor Naylor Harmonica,
Mick Burns Guitar,
Julie Lord Bass,
John Macrae Drums,

The Sidewinders (0)
The Sidewinders,
Dale ? Vocals - Guitar,
Mark Bass,
? Drums ,

The Silhouettes (7)
The Silhouettes,
(Setup One)
Paul Glazebrook
Morton Lewis
Jerry Gillings
Nigel Cook (vocals)
(Setup Two)
Paul Glazebrook,
Morton Lewis,
(Setup Three)
Paul Glazebrook,
Morton Lewis ,
(Setup Four)
Paul Glazebrook Lead + Vocals,
Morton Lewis Bass,
Paul Petrsyzn Drums ,

The Smiles (0)
The Smiles
John Butters - drums, Bernie ? - guitar and vocals, Carol ? - vocals, Pete Conway - bass

The Solents (1)
The Solents
The Sonics (1)
The Sonics,
1963 - ?,
Alex Shulver (Later + Sue Carey),
Mick Morley,
Clive Frindle,
Jim Bobby,
Bernard Shaw,

(Later -Barry Dye),

The Southpaws (0)
The Southpaws,
Eric Smith Vocals ,
Tony Newman Lead ,
Terry Newman Bass,
Barry Maine Drums ,

The Spinnetts (3)
The Spinnetts -
Brian Dunn, Julie McIntyre, Peter Dodds, Dave Cutting

The Statesmen (0)
The Statesmen,

The Steve Barry Sound (0)
The Steve Barry Sound
The Strangers (1)
The Strangers,
Rock "n" Roll,
1960 - 1962,
Mike Durrant Vocals - Guitar,
Roger Runnacles Vocals - Guitar,
Colin May Lead,
Jon Doe Sax,
Alan Root Bass,
Barry Dye Drums ,

The Stuart Osboune Band (0)
Submitted bu :: Roy Rushbrooke
on 27 Jul 2007
Band name: :: The Stuart Osboune Band
Working area :: Ipswich
Style: :: Middle of the road
No of members: :: 3
Date formed: (approx) :: 1985
Date disbanded: (approx) :: 1986
Mel Sadd, Guitar & vocals,
Joe Jones, Bass & vocals,
Roy Rushbrooke, Drums,

The Sullivan James Band (4)
The Sullivan James Band,
1965 - ?,
Dick Moles Vocals,
Mick Noller Lead,
Mike Finbow(Later -Roger Kemp) Piano,
Dick Mayhew Trombone,
Dick Maun (Later Departed) Baritone Sax,
Neville Moles Bass,
Ron West Drums ,

The Sundowners (2)
The Sundowners,
Country - Western,
Jock Albins,

The Texan Travellers (0)
The Texan Travellers,

The Too Much Band (0)
The Too Much Band,
1967 - 1968,
?American 1,
?American 2,
Trevor Naylor,
Roger Kemp,
Tony Molineux ,

The Trekkers (1)
The Trekkers,
1963 - ?

The Vapour Trails (6)
Submitted on: 25 Oct 2007
by Terry Poulson
The Vapour Trails
Working area :: Felixstowe, Ipswich & Surrounding Areas
Style: :: Pop Instrumentals and Vocals
No of members: :: Five
Date formed: (approx) :: 1962
Date disbanded: (approx) :: 1965
All These Musicians Featured In The Band During The Period:
Terry Poulson Rhythm Guitar,Then Later, Lead Guitar (Later Joined Unit 4 as Lead Guitarist)
Sandy Sutherland, Drums
Ian (Doormouse) Gray, Lead Guitar
Geoff Hurst, Base Guitar
Dick Scott, Vocals
Dave Lingard, Bass Guitar/Vocals
Frank Foster, Rhythm Guitar, Then Later, Lead Guitar

The Voyeurs (0)
Submitted by, James MacRae on 28-7-2008
Year formed: 1993
Year Disbanded : 1998
No of Members: 5
Area: Ipswich
Style: Indie/ pop
James MacRae - Bass/Lead Vox
Stuart Perfect - Lead Guitar
Lee Spalding - Drums/later Bass, backing vocals
Rob Elmer - Rhythm Guitar
Jake Sweetman - Drums
Band history: Formed in Ipswich. Debut, Lions Den 1993. Played in Suffolk, Essex and London during the mid-nineties.

The Wade Alan Sound (0)
The Wade Alan Sound,
Rock "n" Roll,
1964 - 1966 ,
Alan Wade Vocals,
Mick Chennell Lead,
Derek Spurgeon Rhythm,
John Spurgeon Bass,
Dave Cox Drums ,

The Wild Oats (Ex. The Rebels) (0)
The Wild Oats (Ex. The Rebels),
1963 - 1967,
Brian Brown,
Bryan Scarlett,
Carl Harrison,
Robin Hare,
Rod Goldsmith,
Trev Roland ,

The Zephyrs (1)
Steve Mann Vocals - Guitar,
Gerry Langfield Bass-Vocals,
Dale Warren Drums-Vocals ,

The Zodiacs (0)
The Zodiacs

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