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    Terry Fisk Ian Fisk

  • Alan Wade & the Four Just Men

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    Alan Wade & The Four Just Men, Rock "N" Roll, Ipswich, 1961 - 1963, Alan Wade Vocals, Mick Day Lead, Roy Clover Rhythm, Bill Russell Bass, Ron West Drums , A really popular band in Suffolk in the early 60s playing pubs, clubs, nightclubs, air bases and cinemas all over East Anglia.

  • Alan Wades Golden Era Tribute Band

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    The Alan Wade Golden Era Tribute Band, Early Rock "N" Roll, Ipswich, Founder Alan Wade, 2000 - Dec 2002, Alan Wade Vocals, Barry Durrant Lead, Mick Chennell Rhythm, Derek Spurgeon Drums, John Spurgeon Bass ,

  • Alan Wades Three Generations

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    Alan Wade's Three Generations, Rock "N" Roll, Ipswich, 2003 - Present Alan Wade Vocals, Barry Durrant Lead Guitar, Duane Wade Drums, Andy Marsh Bass, Karl Thurkettle Rytham,

  • All Shook Up

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    All Shook Up, Ipswich, Pop, John Marsh Vocals, Andy Marsh Bass pre 2007 Tony Atkins bass 2007-2008 John Messenger Drums post 2008 Barry Durrant Lead Guitar, vocals ? Drums, ? Guitar,

  • Animal Farm

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    Submitted by :Dave Lingard 09/14/2011 info@soultownchic.co.uk Year formed: 1969 Year Disbanded : 1972 No of Members: 4 Area: Ipswich Style: Rock Band Dave Lingard (Lead Guitar/vocals) Geoff Broom (Keyboard Lead Vocals) John Mayhew Drums Roger Clarke Johnson (Bass) Band history: Animal Farm started playing at local gigs in and around Ipswich and moving on to play college gigs and support for bands ie. Deep Purple The Who etc. This photo was taken in Christchurch Park shortly after John Mayhew had left Genesis and joined Animal Farm and Phil Collins had taken his place in Genesis.(John died in Glasgow on 26th March 2009.)When the photo was taken the band had just returned from a tour of Germany hence the German leather boots! Shortly after this the band disbanded and Dave joined the LA based band Walker Bros (Sun Aint Gonna shine any more etc) as their guitarist.Dave now plays with Ipswich based band Soultown Chic 2011.

  • Back in Business

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    Setup (1) 60s and 70s Felixstowe based Howard Sanders (lead guitar/vocals) Graham Wiggins (drums) Jim Thackery (Guitar/Lead vocals) Alan Fox on bass guitar and vocals Setup (2) changed in Mid 2014 ?

  • Backtrack

    2 photos

    Backtrack Ipswich 1988 - 1993 Gordon Blackwood Vocals, Phil Gardner Drums, Mike Graham Bass, Steve Pipe Guitar, Terry Smith Guitar.

  • Bamboo

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    Formed October 1958 to June 1959 Jerry, Rhythm Laurie Simmons, Lead vocal Goldie, Tea chest bass Daphnie, Vocal

  • Bedlam

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    Bedlam, Originally a three-piece comprising of Hugh Green : guitar, Brian Tucker : bass, Steve Webster : drum

  • Birdy Jones Band

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    Birdy Jones Band, Email Address=stevethedrummer@gmail.com, Style of Music=Covers, Area=Ipswich, Active Years from=1977-1979, No of Band members=5, Stephanie Bird - vocals, Glen Robinson - keyboards & vocals, Robin Schug - guitar & saxophone, Paddy Dye - bass & vocals, Steve Thurlow - drums.

  • Bits & Pieces

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    Bits & Pieces, Popular, Ipswich, 2003 -, Alec Robinson Vocals., Derek Spurgeon Drums., John Spurgeon Bass., Mick Chennell Lead, Rhythm. , Barry Durrant Rhythm, Lead.,to 2004, Ollie ? 2004 - ? Rytham,

  • Bits & Pieces setup 2

    8 photos

    Bits & Pieces setup 2 Submitted by Derek Spurgeon 13 Jan 2007 dspurgeon@homecall.co.uk Working area :: ipswich Style: :: 60s No of members: :: 4 Date disbanded: (approx) :: Still active Mick Chennell lead, Ollie ? lead rythm vocals, John Spurgeon bass, Derek Spurgeon (dek) Drums (normally pissed)

  • Black Aces Skiffle Group

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    Submitted by: Roy Clover 02/19/2012 roy.clover@btinternet.com Year formed: 1956 Year Disbanded : 1957 No of Members: 4 Area: Ipswich Style: Skiffle Clive Young - Guitar/Vocals Roy Clover - GuitarVocals Barry Brabham - Tea Chest Bass Clive Tatton - Washboard Band history: One of the first skiffle groups in Ipswich. All members about 13/14 years of age and met at Landseer Road School. Playing youth clubs, social clubs and The Gaumont at Saturday Morning Pictures. Morton Lewis guested on the odd occasion.

  • Black Arrows

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  • Blackwood

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    Blackwood, Ipswich, 1974-1976 , Gordon Blackwood Vocals, Paul Gill Lead, Mike Graham Bass, Nigel Whatling Drums, Gerry Moore Rhythm ,

  • Bunkas

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    Bunkas, Style of Music=Folk, Area=Ipswich, Founder=Pete Jennings, Active Years from=1985-1986, No of Band members=5, Pete Jennings Vocals, Bodrhan, bones Lawrence Joyner Melodeon, vocals Kate Joyner Vocals Neil Mellor Guitar, vocals Lorna Mellor Whistle, vocals.

  • Buzz Incorporated

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    Buzz Incorporated, Pop, Ipswich,

  • Camelfoot Raiders

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    Submitted by Nick Rain on:16-02-2010 camelfootraiders@yahoo.co.uk Year formed: 1993 Still Active: Yes No of Members: 5 Area: suffolk / essex / norfolk / anywhere Style: country/rock/blues Members and there Instruments / Vocals: Martin Pender : vocals,banjo,mandolin , Neil Topple : guitar, backing vocals, harmonica, Tim LeGrice : backing vocals, guitar, Darren Elden : backing vocals, bass guitar, Mark Smith : drums. Band history: A good time band offering the best of local musical talent. Past members include Toni & Tina Vines, Dave Morris & Craig Clarke. Often accompanied by Tony Ryan on pedal steel guitar. Their debut album \\\'Lazy Day\\\'s\\\' was very well recieved,gaining great reviews in local press & appearances on local music days followed by a trip to germany. check out www.myspace.com/camelfootraiders

  • Centaur

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